Thursday, December 2, 2010

Christmas List.

Its hard getting a good gift for a cyclist. It seems most cyclists have almost everything they need by the time Christmas roles around. Tires, chains, Bar, tape, these are standard Christmas presents, that will not disappoint, things that every cyclist will use and wear out.

But if you want to surprise, indulge, or simply hook up your cyclist, look here.

C-4 Skewers. Absolute Beauty. Super LIght, they come in a jewel like case. Normally $75, $55 before Christmas.

Embrocation Cycling Journal. We have the last 3 volumes in store. Written and printed in the states. Beautiful writing and pictures. Usually these are $20+$4 shipping but get them in store for $18, or 2 for $30.

Embrocation. We hav all kinds from Mad Alchemy and Chomper Body. Very nice gift in the $20 or less price range. It will keep your cyclist warm!

Chrome Bags. Lifetime Warranty, Made in the USA. Super nice solid bags, we have tons in stock. Mention that you read the blog and we'll probably take 10% off the price. Our prices are the same as on the internet!

Swiftwick Socks. Absolutely the best socks you will ever wear! We have all of their socks in stock, different lengths in both wool and Olefin, they price between $15 and $24, totally worth it. Made in USA.

These socks we had custom. Volker Bicycles! Usually these 7" socks of Olefin are $22, they are $15, just come in and ask for them!

Click multi tools. $10 each. Very nice. Perfect Stocking Stuffer.

Park Blue Book, Amazon sells these for $20+shipping, we sell for $20! A must have!

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  1. The Volker socks are the bomb. Surprisingly warm. Fit is awesome. As good as Matisyahu on a Wednesday afternoon.