Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Special Wheel Deal.

black a23 rims,
black bladed dt swiss spokes,
silver alloy nipples,
black c-4 hubs,
1440 grams
20 spokes radial front
24 spokes 2x rear.

Some sell these for $800!

Review HERE!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

In season.

We've got a lot going on these days with this great riding weather.  We are cranking out tune ups starting at $35 in just a couple days at most.  We've got 30% off clothing and helmets(you gotta ask, there are no signs and we don't advertise).   Plus, if you buy a bike, you get 50% off anything you want with it!  Buy bikes!

A few things to remind yourself.

1. We are open 7 days a week!  11-7 m-f, 10-4 sat, 12-4 sun.
2. We sell bikes really cheap, and tires even cheaper, and wheels cheaper still! We've got some $1550 carbon clincher wheels on sale for $800 right now!
3. We have a huge selection of chrome bags, lights, locks, and tubes.
4. Our full carbon, 10 speed road bikes start at $1450.
5. We have lots of cyclocross bikes!

Here's our new wheel deal. You'll have to email volkerbicycles at gmail.com to talk more about wheels.  We can always order stock wheels from zipp, reynolds, stans, enve, dt, mavic at super low prices.

You can get a 1460 gram wheelset for $300.  How about a 1000 gram tubular wheelset for $700?

i have some black c-4 hubs .  20/24 hole or 24/28 hole.

build 1 wheel. $25

hubs are $120.
cx-ray bladed spokes with nipples are $100 for 44, $116 for 52.
round spokes, same weight as cx-ray but round light double butted are
$30 for 44, or $35 for 52.

here are a few options for rims, lots more to choose from.

a23 23mm wide 22mm depth, 430 grams, $50/ea
h+son sl42 42mm deep, 590 grams, $60/ea
kinlin 30mm deep 465 grams, $40 each
stans alpha 340, 24mm deep, 360 grams, $75 ea.
carbon tubular 23mm wide, 50mm deep. 390 grams, $200ea
carbon tubular 33mm deep, 300 grams, $225ea
carbon clincher 33mm deep, 360 grams, $250ea
carbon 38mm tubular 320 grams, $150ea
carbon 38mm clincher, 400 grams, $200ea
enve 25, 45, 65 tubulars are $600, clinchers are $650
zipp firecrest tubular rims $650,clinchers $700. (303 or 404s)