Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Cyclocross Wheels.

The first cyclocross race in KC is less than 3 weeks away, MANIONS.  Here are some deals to help you win.

A23 black or white rim, black db 2.0/1.8 spokes, black origin8 hub, 20/24 hole, $300, normally $400.

Stan's alpha 340 wheelset, c-4 hubs, 28/28 spokes, silver spokes, $400, black spokes, $420.  These wheels build up around 1300 grams, are ready for tubeless or tube tires.

Want a wheelset like the 340s for cross, but want something even stronger, do the same hubs with the H+SON ARCHETYPE RIM.  The archetype will be over 100 grams heavier for the wheelset, but is stronger and wider(23mm wide).  They are less money, $370 for a sub 1500 gram bomber set of wheels.

Think you are super special and want some 1200 gram tubeless or tube wheels?  Let's do the alpha rims with super good usa made c-4 light hubs, $400 for round light spokes, $450 for black bladed spokes.

Wait...You think you are super special and want to show everyone you have money to burn?  Spend $500 for the 50mm deep, 23mm wide carbon tubular wheels with light round spokes, 1200 grams, or add $50 for bladed spokes.  These are the best wheels around.

Cyclocross Bike Deals.

Jamis 2012 Supernova 54cm. Was $2700, now $1650.
Jamis 2012 Nova Race Disc 56cm. Was $1175, now $800.
Masi 2012 CXR Apex. 49cm 53cm 55cm.  Was $1900, now $1300.
Focus 2012 AX1 Full Ultegra,56cm triple butted light aluminum frame, light carbon fork, fulcrum wheels, Was $2170, now $1500.
Focus 2011 AX2, 105, Light butted frame, full carbon fork, Was $1400, now $1000.
61cm jamis nova race frame/fork. $400
Soma double cross 59cmm steel cross frame. $250