Tuesday, December 25, 2012


30% off all clothing this week till saturday.  Get the $55 tune up for only $30 as well!

Here are some deals we have right now!

 1000gram carbon tubulars, $500.
 FPDUE 53cm. $1300 with brakes, stem, seatpost, saddle.
 Spooky Supertouch cyclocross USA made 54.5cm. 145mm headtube .$550.
Pinarello FP2 51cm Full Carbon Frame. $800
 Lapierre Cyclocross Frame. 59cm and 51cm for $550
 Jamis Xenith Endura 51cm, $800 with brakes/bb
 Spooky Skeletor 56cm USA made frame. $500. Add $200 for matching zg NGSL brakes.
New c-4 hubs, new cx-ray spokes, lightly used hed 50mm depth, wider tubulars. $600.

Thursday, December 6, 2012


We have gift cards in stock in $10 increments.  We also have these super $55 tune up gift cards.  Guess what?  You can buy these for only $30!

Lights, gloves, caps, winter cycling gear, these all make great gifts for cyclists!  You can't have too many lights to stay safe while riding!

New Tires for spring aren't a bad idea either.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Super Bikes at 39th!

Xenith Elite. New Red. $1k in wheels(420s) and super everything.  $5k

Super Carbon Disc Cyclocross Bike with Sram. The supernova elite for $2200.
 Tons of clearance for big tires or mud.  Look at that BB!  That's the new 386mm super stiff design. 
 Think $2200 is too much for full carbon bike?  How about we throw in a stan's crest wheel upgrade, and ritchey wcs cockpit no charge, drops 3.5 lbs!  

New Pinarello Track Frameset.  Frame is triple butted alloy, very light, fork is all carbon. Carbon seatpost included. There are no wholes in this frame, no brakes can be installed on the frame or fork, super TRACK!

Monday, November 26, 2012

Bikes we gotta sell.

Just make us an offer.  Bikes are listed with msrp.  Email is volkerbiycles at gmail.com

Jamis Dragon 19" Steel 853 xt hardtail with fox fork, 26" wheels. $2900
Jamis 29er Carbon D29 Pro 17" $3450
Pinarello 55cm Kobh, super record, shamal wheels,  $12,000
Jamis Xenith Comp 105 51cm $1950
Masi Evoluzione Sram Apex 53cm $1950
Pinarello FPDue 55cm 105 Black/Red $2400
Masi 2012 CXR Sram apex cyclocross 49cm, 53cm, 55cm, 57cm, $1950
Focus AX1 Cyclocross Ultegra 6700 56cm Bike $2170
Focus CX3 Full Carbon cyclocross ultegra 6700 54cm or 56cm$3100
Focus AX3 105 cyclocross 52cm or 54cm. $1450

With all bike purchases, you get free tune ups for life, and 50% off all accessories with the bike!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Cyclocross Wheels.

The first cyclocross race in KC is less than 3 weeks away, MANIONS.  Here are some deals to help you win.

A23 black or white rim, black db 2.0/1.8 spokes, black origin8 hub, 20/24 hole, $300, normally $400.

Stan's alpha 340 wheelset, c-4 hubs, 28/28 spokes, silver spokes, $400, black spokes, $420.  These wheels build up around 1300 grams, are ready for tubeless or tube tires.

Want a wheelset like the 340s for cross, but want something even stronger, do the same hubs with the H+SON ARCHETYPE RIM.  The archetype will be over 100 grams heavier for the wheelset, but is stronger and wider(23mm wide).  They are less money, $370 for a sub 1500 gram bomber set of wheels.

Think you are super special and want some 1200 gram tubeless or tube wheels?  Let's do the alpha rims with super good usa made c-4 light hubs, $400 for round light spokes, $450 for black bladed spokes.

Wait...You think you are super special and want to show everyone you have money to burn?  Spend $500 for the 50mm deep, 23mm wide carbon tubular wheels with light round spokes, 1200 grams, or add $50 for bladed spokes.  These are the best wheels around.

Cyclocross Bike Deals.

Jamis 2012 Supernova 54cm. Was $2700, now $1650.
Jamis 2012 Nova Race Disc 56cm. Was $1175, now $800.
Masi 2012 CXR Apex. 49cm 53cm 55cm.  Was $1900, now $1300.
Focus 2012 AX1 Full Ultegra,56cm triple butted light aluminum frame, light carbon fork, fulcrum wheels, Was $2170, now $1500.
Focus 2011 AX2, 105, Light butted frame, full carbon fork, Was $1400, now $1000.
61cm jamis nova race frame/fork. $400
Soma double cross 59cmm steel cross frame. $250

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Enzo's Chamois Cream.

In stock.  8oz jars.  Come try it.

Here's what they say, "Don’t buy a tub (8oz, 4oz, or 1oz) or packet of this minty chamois cream goodness solely based on its clever name, ButtonHole. Also buy it because it’s made in the USA with naturally good stuff—peppermint oil, cocoa seed butter and sunflower see oil. Buy it because you won’t find parabens, mineral oil or anything from our furry friends (that’s right, it’s vegan). Lastly, not to, ahem, toot our own horn, but Enzo’s also donates 10% of sales to children’s charities."

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

CycloCross is on its way!

Cyclocross is coming sooner than you think.  The first race of the season is the Volker sponsored Manions.  More info HERE too.

To get prepared for the grueling season, KCBIKE has a free clinic. Click here for flyer.   If you haven't raced before, are free wednesday nights, and need to brush up on your skills, do it!

Click to find the local racing calendar for KC.

We've got plenty of cross tires in stock and have been gluing plenty to get ready for the season.  Our first batch of FRENCH RUBBER sold out in 10 days!

As far as bikes go, we have plenty in stock, and can order in plenty too.  Email us at volkerbicycles at gmail.com for the size you need and your price range and we will get you a great deal.  All our bikes come with free tuneups and maintenance for as long as you own the bike, plus you get 50% off everything you buy with the bike.

2013 Focus bikes will be in soon along with Blue, Masi, and Jamis.

Monday, July 23, 2012


10 copies of volume 32 are "in the mail."  Direct from the U.K.  We'll post on fb when they arrive.  Still have plenty of embrocation journals, volume 4, 5, 7 at least.

We sell all our journals at $15/ea.  Normally $23-28 shipped online, save some money!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Mountain Bike Race coming to Kansas City.

Race your mountain bike.  Bring all your friends.  Drink Free Coffee, Eat free food from POTPIE

Free Kids Race.

More info if you click below.

Only Cat1 mtbikers need the mountain bike usac license.  The rest don't. Approximately  5 miles per lap, about 700 ft of climbing each lap.

Monday, June 25, 2012

2013 Cyclocross

Focus have already shown us pictures and prices of there 2013 models.  Blue and Van Dessel will have the same models/prices as before.  Masi and Jamis will have new model information in a month or so.  We do have plenty of clearance Jamis and Masi bikes for sale.

 Above. New red.  Easton ec90 sl tubulars.  $6440
 Above. CX1.  Ultedgra di2 electric shifting. $4190.

Above. CX2.  Ultegra 6700. $2950.

Above. CX3. 105.  $2530.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Carbon Fiber Repair for Bicycles

 Over the years, we have seen lots of  repairs completed on cracked carbon fiber frame and parts.  I personally raced a repaired xenith sl for 2 years, never noticed a difference.  If you have cracked parts, or broken frames, email us. volkerbicycles at gmail.com

The rim hit some bad railroad tracks at a high speed. 

$75, you can't tell the difference.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Special Wheel Deal.

black a23 rims,
black bladed dt swiss spokes,
silver alloy nipples,
black c-4 hubs,
1440 grams
20 spokes radial front
24 spokes 2x rear.

Some sell these for $800!

Review HERE!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

In season.

We've got a lot going on these days with this great riding weather.  We are cranking out tune ups starting at $35 in just a couple days at most.  We've got 30% off clothing and helmets(you gotta ask, there are no signs and we don't advertise).   Plus, if you buy a bike, you get 50% off anything you want with it!  Buy bikes!

A few things to remind yourself.

1. We are open 7 days a week!  11-7 m-f, 10-4 sat, 12-4 sun.
2. We sell bikes really cheap, and tires even cheaper, and wheels cheaper still! We've got some $1550 carbon clincher wheels on sale for $800 right now!
3. We have a huge selection of chrome bags, lights, locks, and tubes.
4. Our full carbon, 10 speed road bikes start at $1450.
5. We have lots of cyclocross bikes!

Here's our new wheel deal. You'll have to email volkerbicycles at gmail.com to talk more about wheels.  We can always order stock wheels from zipp, reynolds, stans, enve, dt, mavic at super low prices.

You can get a 1460 gram wheelset for $300.  How about a 1000 gram tubular wheelset for $700?

i have some black c-4 hubs .  20/24 hole or 24/28 hole.

build 1 wheel. $25

hubs are $120.
cx-ray bladed spokes with nipples are $100 for 44, $116 for 52.
round spokes, same weight as cx-ray but round light double butted are
$30 for 44, or $35 for 52.

here are a few options for rims, lots more to choose from.

a23 23mm wide 22mm depth, 430 grams, $50/ea
h+son sl42 42mm deep, 590 grams, $60/ea
kinlin 30mm deep 465 grams, $40 each
stans alpha 340, 24mm deep, 360 grams, $75 ea.
carbon tubular 23mm wide, 50mm deep. 390 grams, $200ea
carbon tubular 33mm deep, 300 grams, $225ea
carbon clincher 33mm deep, 360 grams, $250ea
carbon 38mm tubular 320 grams, $150ea
carbon 38mm clincher, 400 grams, $200ea
enve 25, 45, 65 tubulars are $600, clinchers are $650
zipp firecrest tubular rims $650,clinchers $700. (303 or 404s)

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

New Wheels for You!

We scored some sweet hubs.

260 gram set. We can build a set of 20/24 hole wheels however you like with these hubs.

How about a 1160 gram tubeless clincher wheelset for $450? Or a super durable road racing/road clincher training wheelset for $415 at 1300 grams. How about 38mm carbon clincher rims, a 1330 gram set for $700. Or how about a 38mm tubular carbon set at 1060 grams for $650?

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Scratch Sale Friday and Saturday!

All bikes in stock at 39th, up to 50% off! Buy a bike, get free tune ups for as long as you own the bike, plus get 50% off all purchases with the bike! Happens 11-7 Friday the 6th and 10-4 saturday the 7th. Check out our facebook page for more details.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Open sundays and late at 39th!

New Store hours for 39th/bell location.

7 Days a week!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Skratch Labs

Remember secret drink mix? The stuff mad scientist Lim created to make Levi win all the races? Now its real, its skratch labs. And you can buy it at a special price at the 39th st store. Go get some!

20 serving bag, norally $20, now $15. 1 serving packet, normally $2, now $1.50.

Check it out!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Buy this Pinarello!

We also have 7 others in stock, ready to go home with you!

Saturday, March 3, 2012

MP3 for $1

Buy any of the higher end mavic wheels, like ksyrium sl, carbone sl and up, and get the 2 year warranty for any accident for $1, also available for the new helmets, lots in stock!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Happy Birthday!

We turn 4 on Friday. We are having a party. 6-8. Beer and food and good deals. Good deals all day! Buy carbon bikes for $1400!

Check in!

Monday, February 13, 2012


Made in the USA frame! Buy em at volker bicycles! Frame/fork weight is 1475 grams.

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PF30 bb, super strong aluminum.

Pictured with 29mm tires.

Warranty and crash replacement comes along with the frame.

If you happened to miss it at the cyclocross streetcred race, check it out at volker 39 or at the streetcred CRIT this saturday!

Monday, February 6, 2012

1200 grams, $500.

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Yes, its hard to believe. 1200 gram clincher wheelset for tubes or tubeless, cx-ray bladed spokes, 16/8 rear hub, 20h front, super light, super fun. 190lb. rider weigh limit for road riding.

Plus, view the streetcred flyer in the photo!

Friday, February 3, 2012

Racing in KC starts Saturday!

StreetCred blog!

Streetcred fb page.

2:30pm registration time for the first stage. Be there! Tallgrass keg for after the race. Rain or shine! Snow or sleet! Were doing it!

Monday, January 30, 2012

110 Gram Front Disc Hub.

110 gram front disc hub. Soon to have 200 gram rear disc. Made in USA. Super stout, strong, stiff. You want it? We can get it in for you!

Kappius Components.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Can't buy a new road bike?

Can't swing the $$ on a sweet new Carbon Jamis, Pinarello, Masi, or Focus bike at a great deal with free tuneups for life and 50% off everything with purchase?

How about making your old bike new again!

Best thing to do is replace your cable/housing and bar tape after a gritty year of dirt/grime.

For $100, you get the whole advanced plus tuneup plus get free cable/housing and new bar tape.

BOOM! Your bike is like new again. Plus, if you want new tires/tubes/cassette/chain, you get 30% off and free installation with the deal!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

New Wheel Deal. New super spoke available.

We sell lots of wheels. Zipp, Mavic, Reynolds, Ritchey, all kinds!

We also build many wheels, here is an example of some light affordable tubeless clincher wheels.

Rims are the stan's alpha 340. We can build these in many different spoke counts.


If you are doing a 24h rear, we suggest the 16:8 version. In the 16:8 design (16 holes on the driveside, 8 holes on the non-driveside), you raise the 50% tension on the left side to 100% by cutting the number of spokes in half. Since you have half as many, each one has to do the work of two and you have 8 spokes on the left that each have the same tension as 16 spokes on the right. So you can tighten both sides to 120-130 kgf and have a wheel that will stay tight and true without any attention.

We recommend the cx-ray bladed spoke. They are $3 ea for silver and $3.50 each for black.

The all new 15g super spoke is available too. It is lighter and stronger than the cx-ray, it costs $5.75 for silver and $6.75 for black.

A cheaper spoke option are the sapim laser. They are not bladed, the are super light double butted round spokes. They are as light as cx-ray but not as stiff/strong or as aero. 80 cents for silver and $1 for black each.

So check it out, you can get a 20/24 tubeless wheelset, cx-ray bladed spokes, weighing 1200 grams for $500.

Subtract $50 if you want a23 rims. They are about 50 grams heavier per rim, but are a little stronger and are also wider(23mm) and convert to tubeless with ease.

Add $200 for 300 gram carbon tubulars in the 38mm depth, or 330 gram 50mm tubulars.
With these rims, the 16h front/20h rear is an option. Now were talking 1050 gram wheelsets for $650!

If you want some super hubs, how about some chris king or dt swiss hubs, or even dura ace, or campy record. We do it all! Just say what you want and we'll quote you a price. volkerbicycles at gmail.com


Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Giordana Sport

Might be the dumbest promotional video we have seen yet. Who puts sugar in their latte?

We have this stuff at Volker39. It looks 10 times better in person, a feels 10 times better as well. Bibs retail for $195, Short Sleeve retails for $175. Buy a bike and get the kit for 1/2 off, along with anything else you want.

The bibs fit true to most european sized brands. The top is a bit big, loose, you're welcome to try the top on.

More info. on the kits here.

Speaking of Lattes, joing the Colavita/Parisi Cycling Team on saturday mornings for a fast group ride. The ride meets at the Parisi Cafe, its in the Union Station.

The ride leaves at 9 sharp, so come early for an espresso or snack.