Tuesday, January 22, 2013


We've got plenty of bikes in stock.  One of them will turn heads.  The Culebro 1.0, normally $2400, which means you can possibly save $1k on this thing.

Full Ultegra 10 speed, DT Swiss Wheels. Light, Stiff, Fast.

Made in Germany.
Triple Butted Frame, tapered full carbon fork.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Carbon Tubular Wheelbuilding Deal.

Looking for super wheels at a super price?  We are now taking pre-orders for our next shipment of super rims.

Here are the options.

All Tubulars with brake pads. 16 spokes, 20 spokes, 24 spoke options.
38mm 320 grams, $290/pair
38mm 290 grams, $320/pair
38mm WIDE(23mm width), 325 grams, $320/pair
50mm 350 grams, $340/pair
50mm WIDE(23mm width), 380 grams, $350/pair
88mm 520 grams $360/pair.

Hub Options
Standard black 20/24 road racing hubset, 289grams/pair, light, fast, not going to brake. $120/pair.
c-4  hubset, 215 rear, 80 gram front.  16/20 hole in black or red.  20/24 in black.  $150//pair.
White Industries new t11 hubset.  11 speed or 9/10 spd compatible.  340 grams/set.  16/20 or 20/24. Black or silver. $350/pair.
Chris King new r45 wheelset, tons of colors, 16/20 or 20/24.  $500/pair.
Email for DT swiss, they cost more than chris king.

We are a bicycle shop, and can get you any hub you like, but we like to keep things simple to start.  If you want an information overload on hubs, click HERE!

Spoke options.
Sapim Laser, lightest/cheapest.  2.0/1.5,     75 cents/ea for silver, 90 cents for black.
Wheelsmith db 2.0/1.7, STRONG, but heavier, same pricing as sapim laser.
Sapim CX-ray, these are the best spokes, bladed, same spokes zipp uses. Same with as the laser, but as strong as the wheelsmith db,  silver is 2.50/ea, black is 3/ea, WHITE  is  $4/ea.

silver alloy 20cents ea
black alloy 30 cents ea
all colors alloy 40 cents ea.

Lets say you weigh 140 lbs, and want the fastest/lightest set on a budget...lets do this.
290gram 38mm rims, $320/pair
c-r 16/20 hubset $150
silver laser spokes, 36 of them, $27
alloy nipples silver, $6
Total for this 1000 gram wheelset...$503.

Lets say you are 190lb. super cat 3 sprinter. You want the strongest wheelset, that won't deflect.  You sometimes ride gravel and will most likely ride these wheels for cyclocross.
50mm deep  23mm wide, $350
20/24 black road racing hubset $120
wheelsmith db 2.0/1.7 silver $33
silver nipples. $9
Less than 1200 grams(lighter than Zipp 303s) only $512

All wheels get free service for as long as you own them, could be forever.  If you crash these things, or they get ran over, crash replacement is the same price with free labor.  Say you crash and someone rides over your front wheel breaking 3 spokes and cracking the rim?  Charge would be $150 for the rim and 80 cents a spoke.