Thursday, August 23, 2012

Enzo's Chamois Cream.

In stock.  8oz jars.  Come try it.

Here's what they say, "Don’t buy a tub (8oz, 4oz, or 1oz) or packet of this minty chamois cream goodness solely based on its clever name, ButtonHole. Also buy it because it’s made in the USA with naturally good stuff—peppermint oil, cocoa seed butter and sunflower see oil. Buy it because you won’t find parabens, mineral oil or anything from our furry friends (that’s right, it’s vegan). Lastly, not to, ahem, toot our own horn, but Enzo’s also donates 10% of sales to children’s charities."

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

CycloCross is on its way!

Cyclocross is coming sooner than you think.  The first race of the season is the Volker sponsored Manions.  More info HERE too.

To get prepared for the grueling season, KCBIKE has a free clinic. Click here for flyer.   If you haven't raced before, are free wednesday nights, and need to brush up on your skills, do it!

Click to find the local racing calendar for KC.

We've got plenty of cross tires in stock and have been gluing plenty to get ready for the season.  Our first batch of FRENCH RUBBER sold out in 10 days!

As far as bikes go, we have plenty in stock, and can order in plenty too.  Email us at volkerbicycles at for the size you need and your price range and we will get you a great deal.  All our bikes come with free tuneups and maintenance for as long as you own the bike, plus you get 50% off everything you buy with the bike.

2013 Focus bikes will be in soon along with Blue, Masi, and Jamis.