Wednesday, August 13, 2014


Cyclocross is basically here.  Time to get fast wheels for winning races.  We have a great selection of tires in stock, tubular and tubeless and plenty of others....just come in and talk to us about them!

Wheels are the other good thing to make your bike go fast. We have lots of rims ready to build to either disc or rim brake hubs.

Wheelsets start at $350.   Example is X9 disc hubs to pacenti sl23 rims!  Super strong, tubeless, very durable.  Could also build these to major tom tubulars for the same price.

We can definitely hook it up with carbon tubulars cantilevers or disc starting at $500.  Lots of wheels in stock from reynolds, zipp, vision, and easton too!

Plus we have over 20 cx bikes in stock, most discounted to 50% off!  SS, 1x10, 1x11, ultegra di2 hydro, sram hydro, full carbon!