Monday, January 30, 2012

110 Gram Front Disc Hub.

110 gram front disc hub. Soon to have 200 gram rear disc. Made in USA. Super stout, strong, stiff. You want it? We can get it in for you!

Kappius Components.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Can't buy a new road bike?

Can't swing the $$ on a sweet new Carbon Jamis, Pinarello, Masi, or Focus bike at a great deal with free tuneups for life and 50% off everything with purchase?

How about making your old bike new again!

Best thing to do is replace your cable/housing and bar tape after a gritty year of dirt/grime.

For $100, you get the whole advanced plus tuneup plus get free cable/housing and new bar tape.

BOOM! Your bike is like new again. Plus, if you want new tires/tubes/cassette/chain, you get 30% off and free installation with the deal!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

New Wheel Deal. New super spoke available.

We sell lots of wheels. Zipp, Mavic, Reynolds, Ritchey, all kinds!

We also build many wheels, here is an example of some light affordable tubeless clincher wheels.

Rims are the stan's alpha 340. We can build these in many different spoke counts.


If you are doing a 24h rear, we suggest the 16:8 version. In the 16:8 design (16 holes on the driveside, 8 holes on the non-driveside), you raise the 50% tension on the left side to 100% by cutting the number of spokes in half. Since you have half as many, each one has to do the work of two and you have 8 spokes on the left that each have the same tension as 16 spokes on the right. So you can tighten both sides to 120-130 kgf and have a wheel that will stay tight and true without any attention.

We recommend the cx-ray bladed spoke. They are $3 ea for silver and $3.50 each for black.

The all new 15g super spoke is available too. It is lighter and stronger than the cx-ray, it costs $5.75 for silver and $6.75 for black.

A cheaper spoke option are the sapim laser. They are not bladed, the are super light double butted round spokes. They are as light as cx-ray but not as stiff/strong or as aero. 80 cents for silver and $1 for black each.

So check it out, you can get a 20/24 tubeless wheelset, cx-ray bladed spokes, weighing 1200 grams for $500.

Subtract $50 if you want a23 rims. They are about 50 grams heavier per rim, but are a little stronger and are also wider(23mm) and convert to tubeless with ease.

Add $200 for 300 gram carbon tubulars in the 38mm depth, or 330 gram 50mm tubulars.
With these rims, the 16h front/20h rear is an option. Now were talking 1050 gram wheelsets for $650!

If you want some super hubs, how about some chris king or dt swiss hubs, or even dura ace, or campy record. We do it all! Just say what you want and we'll quote you a price. volkerbicycles at


Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Giordana Sport

Might be the dumbest promotional video we have seen yet. Who puts sugar in their latte?

We have this stuff at Volker39. It looks 10 times better in person, a feels 10 times better as well. Bibs retail for $195, Short Sleeve retails for $175. Buy a bike and get the kit for 1/2 off, along with anything else you want.

The bibs fit true to most european sized brands. The top is a bit big, loose, you're welcome to try the top on.

More info. on the kits here.

Speaking of Lattes, joing the Colavita/Parisi Cycling Team on saturday mornings for a fast group ride. The ride meets at the Parisi Cafe, its in the Union Station.

The ride leaves at 9 sharp, so come early for an espresso or snack.