Friday, July 17, 2009

Grass Track Rules!

The weather turned out beautiful for the grass track clinic last night. Lots of people showed up to learn about the sport and to get their upgrade number. Remember, if you do not attend the event this Thursday for the clinic, you may not upgrade and race in the Mass Start Scratch Race.

Things we learned.

1. Gearing. Many are using 42/19 or 42/20.

2. Tire Pressure. Anywhere from 35-60 is good. If you are capable of running lower, then more power to you.

3. Must have bar tape and plugs on your drop bars. Drop Bars only for the mass start race. You must always be in the drops during the mass start race or a dq will be in order. No exceptions.

4. Must have tubulars glued really good. Judges will try to roll them off at the start. If they aren't on their tight, then you can't ride them.

5. Must ride fixed, cog with lockring.

6. Chain and wheel bolts must be very tight.

7. There may be a show and go this sunday at the venue...stay tuned to Local Cycling for more info.

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