Thursday, July 16, 2009

Grass Track Clinic Tonight!


Want to do some grass track racing on July 26th? We've got a freshly mown 333meter circuit for your enjoyment in Shawnee. BUT if you want to do the mass start event (Scratch Race) you'll need to be at least a Cat 4 (men) or Cat 3 Women for the USAC Track category. Tonight's program will be the ticket to get you upgraded for this event. Yes, you'll need an annual USAC license to upgrade, but not to participate in the free clinic (those are available online at as welll as complete Track Racing rules). If you're interested in doing the time trial events (500m or Kilo) those are open to all categories.

We'll repeat this program again a week from tonight, possibly on the new Track. TONIGHT July 16th's clinic is at Herman Laird Park on Johnson Drive in Shawnee. Bring your fixie or track bike, starts at 6:30 PM

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