Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Cyclcocross Rim Preorder Sale.

$700 for 1100 gram 38mm carbon tubulars. Read more at the bottom.

If you do not want to spend that much, here are some more options for tubular cx wheels.

HED and Velocity both have a new rim that is wider than most aluminum rims, 23mm wide, this makes for good strength and for awesome contact for gluing.

Hed rims, $80ea

Velocity Tom rims, $55 ea, 432 grams. This is just like the a23 clincher rim we sold out of last year, but tubular.

We suggest 24/28 spokes front/rear with c-4 215/78 hubs. This adds another $300 to the price, so $410 for Velocity Wheelset or $$460 for Hed. Get Challenge tires for $50 ea with the wheel purchase. Offer applies to in stock tires only. $75 for tufo flexus tubulars.

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Of course, you can pick whatever hub spokes you want. Bladed cx-ray usually add $100 to the build. Black spokes or colored nipples adds another $12. You can do chris king, white industries, sram disc, i-9, velocity high/low, alchemy, any type of hub, just email for price quote.

We are still building up vista cruiser wheelsets too, 1350 gram 32 spoke wheelset for $350. Or you can buy 24/28 cruiser rims to heavier formula hubs for $225.

Race Cyclocross HERE!


Preorder special. 2 rim choices.
38mm, 320 grams.
50mm, 390 grams.

20h radial front
24h 2x nds, 1x ds.

all cx-ray spokes. add $12 for black.

Were talking 1080 gram 38mm wheelset or 1220 gram 50mm for $700 with american made c-4 hubs. Pre order now, pay me $350, and then pay another $350 in a month when these babies are ready. Get crazy cheap prices on new tires too with wheel purchase.


Or These.
With These!

Race Cyclocross HERE!

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