Thursday, March 31, 2011

Donate Bikes

If you have unused bikes, any kind, and want to donate them, please contact Ben Alexander of the Mattie Rhodes Center. They will be fixing/cleaning the bikes and giving them to people of the Historic Northeast that need them.

If you have something to donate or want to help with the repair/restoration of the bicycles please contact

balexander at
or nine one three, 205-3073.

Or drop your bike off at the 18th st. store between 8am and 10:30 am m-f and we will get a hold of Ben to donate.



  1. Thanks for the publicity! I've already had people find this post and donate. We are on track for Mattie Rhodes group rides at this rate!

  2. I am wondering if you are still accepting used bikes for donations. I have several kids' bikes and a kid trailer (it attaches to a bike and holds 2 toddler sized kids) that I'd like to donate. Also, are you an IRS charity? eg. Can I deduct the donations on taxes? Thanks.