Friday, January 29, 2010


-Venue has been changed to The West Bottoms. Meet at the corner of Hickory and St. Louis. We all know how to use Google Maps, right?

-There will be an A and B race. They will be staggered by two minutes, and will run on the same course. It will be fairly obvious which one you should race, but we can help if you are torn.

-No grass. Lots of concrete, lots of gravel, stairs, loading docks, etc. If you have a cyclocross bike, bring it. Road bikes and mountain bikes will both do fine. Maybe extra prizes for someone who shows up on a recumbent?

-30 minute race. As many laps as you can do in that time.

-Bring tubes! The West Bottoms is a wonderland of glass and debris.

-Afterparty TBD. Possibly somewhere in the River Market.

Click here for more current, better information.

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