Monday, June 22, 2009

Get your Grass Track Bikes Ready!

That's right, KS State Track Championships will be the end of July and there is no time to waist.

Many of you are well prepared but for those of you wanting to race and don't have your bike ready, there are a few things to consider.

1. You must ride a bike fixed, with drop bars, and no brakes.

2. You probably want at least 25c tires, if not 28-34c tires depending on conditions.

If you don't have a bike yet, here are a few options.

1. Rent one from us for the event. We don't have details yet, but we plan on getting a bunch of bikes out specifically for this event.

2. Find an old frame with horizontal drops and build it up.

3. Build a complete bike, definitely can be done for less than $600, or up to $2k if you want.

Prices for stuff. (These prices are for racers, we know you have lots of expenses to keep up with this expensive hobby and supporting the cycling community so we try and hook you up whenever possible)

Basic Rear 120mm Track Wheel. $70
Basic Front Track wheel. $60

Surly Steamroller Frame/Fork. (tons of tire clearance, up to 38c.) $350

BAsic Black track frame/fork/headset $180(clearance for 30c)

Maxxis RAze 34c(fits like a 32) $35
Kenda Kwick 700x30 $25
michelin mud 700x30 $38
Michelin jet 700x30 $38

(working on getting some 700x30 schwalbe as well.)

And deal of the month!

Jamis Beatnik, with knobbies. $540 complete, ready to race!!!!

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