Tuesday, May 12, 2009

SWRVE WWR Knickers Review.

The wwr knickers are probably my most practical piece of cycling clothing I own. They simply work. In the sub 0 degree temperatures they protect my legs from freezing gusts of wind while letting my bib tights breathe. In the rainy months of spring they shield my legs from rain and don't get bogged down and heavy full of water. In the hot months of summer they keep my legs ventilated while protecting my skin from the sun. And in the fall they make you look super stylish on one of the many Cyclo-cross Podiums. There is simply nothing these things can't do!

My favorite was showing up to group rides with them on in the middle of January. Wearing Bib tights is warm, but if there is any wind faster than 10mph then you are going to feel some chill. Bib tights are supposed to keep your legs warm and ventilated, so when I add the protective layer of the WWR's, the problem was solved. I still was able to experience proper ventilation and my legs were protected from the icy winds.

Now for the true test. How about over 5,000 miles of commuting in all climates and weather for 11 months straight and over 2000 hours of wrenching on bikes! If you can imagine 100's of chain lube stains, food stains, mud, gritty rain, they still look pretty good. After you see the pics above you think, wow those are worn out. Not Yet! All the stitches are still there, still fit perfectly, no stretching or shrinking.

I must say, after blowing out my old knickers in a month (old chinos I cut at the shins.) these are definitely worth the money. ($90)

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