Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Masi Soulville 3

This bike is the coolest bike ever!

For only $765 you get a sweet 3 speed cruiser with fenders that is also fast enough to keep up with group rides. I just took it to the post office and was amazed at the efficient pedaling of it. Even without straps or clips I was able to crank up hills no problem with little bb flex.

Why you should buy this bike.

-Steel. Very smooth riding, very compliant, and still light.
-3 speed sram internal gearing. No external gears to worry about, just lube the chain and you are off.
-Fenders are white and work very well.
-Wheels are silver hubs, black spokes, silver nipples, and black non-msw rims.
-QR front wheel for easy removal.
-Coaster brake for skidmarks.
-Saddle is leather and very comfortable, kind of a cross between a b-17 and a regal.
-White paint job looks awesome.

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